Anchor's Values and Virtues

We Have 4 Core Values and 4 Contrasting Virtues

Our 4 Core Values: Govern What Is Important to Us

  • Jesus therefore we desire to lift up His name and proclaim His glory in everything we do!

  • Gospel therefore we desire to know it, proclaim it and live out its implications in community

  • People therefore we desire to love and serve people and share with them the hope that anchors our souls

  • Community therefore we desire to do life together, and serve the communities we live 

Our 4 Contrasting Virtues: Demonstrate How the Spirit Is Growing Us

  • Love and Discernment therefore we desire to live out a loving expression of the gospel, while discerning God's call on our lives to be holy.
  • Wisdom and Grace therefore we desire to live by God's truth and God's grace in every one of our actions, by emulating Jesus Christ our great example of wisdom and grace.
  • Mercy and Justice therefore we desire to give mercy as God has given us, yet seek to undo the injustices that lead to oppression, poverty and inequity.

  • Unity and Diversity therefore we desire unity in the faith, and fellowship among people from all nations, races, backgrounds, gender, age and social status.