What Is the Gathering?

We are called together as the body of Christ! The gathering is our weekly Sunday meeting of our community for a time of hearing the word read and preached, and joining one another in the worship of our God through prayer and music, as well as, obedience to His command to be baptized and take communion.

The word church is "Ekklesia" which carries with it the idea of gathering together those that are "Called Out." We do not believe that "Church" is a place we go, or an institution. We (The people that God has called out to be in that community) are the church, so we use the word "Gathering" to remind us that we are His Church, and we gather during the week to worship Him, and scatter throughout the week to the places He has called us to (Work, School, Neighborhood, Third Places) to live out the implications of the message we hear preached weekly!

We are striving toward excellence, but not extravagance. Our Sunday Gathering Goal is to Reorient Our Hearts (Who He is), and then Rehearse His Story (What He has done), expressing our gratitude and worship to our King for what He has accomplished on the cross for His glory and our joy (2 Timothy 4:1-3; Romans 10:14; Ephesians 5:20-21)!