Church Planting / Mission

“...new churches must be planted on a radically accelerated scale. The day of church planting for the world’s cities has yet to dawn. The invisible, unreached people’s of the world’s cities must be found...If we are to reach the world of the 21st century, we must reach cities; and that will demand  a new campaign of church planting.”

                        Harvey Conn                 

At Anchor, church planting and missions are one and the same thing. There are many great projects that our Missional Communities can get behind, but we believe that true biblical mission is related to the planting of new churches in the US and overseas.

Therefore Anchor is committed to the expansion of the gospel through church planting in our local area and overseas, especially amongst unreached people groups and our urban "Inner" cities. All of God's people are missionaries (See Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:8; 1 Peter 2:9), and all our members are exhorted to be missionaries to Long Beach and Southern California. 

This passion for bringing the hope of eternal life to our world moves us beyond our borders and culture. Jesus called his disciples to take his message to the entire world (Matthew 28:19). Therefore, Anchor is committed to doing this by helping teams plant churches and providing training, coaching, assistance and a church planting internship. 

Church Planting

Acts 29

Thus Anchor is affiliated the The Acts 29 Network a network committed to planting churches all through the world. We're excited about what God is doing through the Acts 29 Network of churches, which is a diverse global network of churches that plant churches.

Tommy and Fatimah Forester are planting Epiphany LA in South Central LA, and Anchor is partnering with them to help make that happen.



The Antioch Initiative is an organization created to enhance Church Planting training, coaching and leadership development in the US and throughout the world. It's goal is to assist indigenous men, especially in the unreached areas of the world.

Mike and Donna Gunn are the founders of Ai, and Mike is the director and overseas coordinator, traveling and training in places like, India, Ecuador, Africa, Thailand, Australia, Middle East, Pakistan, and working closely with many pastors, including Anchor Church Planters:

Arjuna and Raji Chiguluri Vision Nationals; Church planting and Mercy Ministry, and Leadership Development; Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh India

Steve and Sandi Youngren Compassion Connection and La Fuente Iglesia; Church planting and Leadership Development; Quito, Ecuador

Plant Long Beach

Plant Long Beach encourages the multiplication of Christ Following Communities for the good of the city. Anchor is excited to be part of PlantLB to see God's Kingdom expanded as churches are built, and the city is blessed!


Gil & Amy Medina (Grace, Johnny, Josiah and Lilly); Bible teaching, school chaplain, Dar es Salaam, Africa

Joshua & Naomi Smith (Malachai, Josu, Selma); Church planting, Mexico City, Mexico

Lance and Susan Leffler Missionary, Mexico City, Mexico


While Anchor doesn't support all short term mission trips, there are some that are very beneficial both to those that are going, and those they are serving. Here are a few of the trips that have been proven to do both well, and will be a regular staple of Anchor Community Church.

Note: No short term trips are supported directly by Anchor, but money can be raised through Anchor for any approved trips.

Mexicali Mission

On the first Saturday of every month, you have the opportunity to serve in Mexico.  The trip starts at 6:00am and ends around 8:30pm.  We work with two orphanages, getting to know the children and assisting the leaders in any way we can.

Visakhapatnam, India

Every March a team from Anchor will be traveling to India to put on a Vacation Bible School for the master's Children's school in Visakhapatnam. Another part of the team will be teaching and training church planters at the annual church planting conference in conjunction with Vision Nationals (http:/visionnationals.org), run by a long time friend Arjuna Chiguluri, who is one of Anchor's church planting missionaries.

Refugee Relief Project

Anchor will be traveling to the Middle East yearly to work with a great local church in providing humanitarian aid to the thousands of refugees fleeing war and persecution in their surrounding countries. This not only assists this much needed relief project, but it also assists a local church in the Middle East to bring the gospel to many people in this unreached region.

Church Planting Internship

Church Planting is essential to the expansion of the gospel in the 21st century. Because of this, the Antioch Initiative (Ai) was created to train and coach church planters here in the US and abroad. Our desire is to create 1-2 Year Residencies for those that want to plant churches in the US and in hard to reach areas of the world. The Long Beach area is extremely diverse and we believe that it affords a great opportunity for training in different cross sections ethnically, racially and social economically.

After Completing a 2 year Church Planting Residency – The Planter Will Have:

1. Taken the DISC, Strength Finders, and other team builder and spiritual tests to determine their gifts, skills, personality and spiritual vitality.

2. A deeper knowledge and love for their savior.

3. A clearer understanding of the “Missio Dei” and the role the Church plays in it, including knowledge of the global role the church is to play in the Mission of God.

4. Confirmation of calling to plant and lead a church through Ai and A29 Assessments.

5. Knowledge of and willingness to contend for the Gospel.

6. Developed Skills In:

            a. Preaching/Teaching (Hermeneutical Expertise)

            b. Counseling/Shepherding

            c. Leading Small Groups and Socratic Discussion Skills

            d. Leading BILD’s 1st Principles

            e. Leading the Mission

            f. Leading a Missional Community

            g. Training future Missional Community Leaders

            h. Coaching/Mentoring

            i. The use of the full Story of God

            j. Prayer/Intercession

            k. Apologetics

            L. Leadership

7. An experiential knowledge of life in the “trenches.”

8. A solid hermeneutical and theological foundation.

9. A solid understanding of the Gospel and Culture and context

10. A Ministry Plan for their church plant – integrated into coursework

11. Partial/Full Support for 2 years for his church plant.

12. A launch team developed for his plant

13. Ongoing Gospel Coaching for at least 3 Years

In addition to class-work the intern will be doing ministry under the authority of his Gospel community. He will be called upon to preach, counsel, start and lead an MC as he is being prepared to lead a team. He will also have inside privilege to all leadership/elders meetings, and observe and/or take part in the administration of the gospel community. Except for vacation and excused absences the intern will be expected to be at all functions, conferences, retreats, etc. The intern will also meet with his coach 1-2 times a month to discuss planting, spiritual growth and family issues, as well as completing a ministry profile in regards to his coursework.

Intern Schedule and Expectation (Based on 60 Hours a Week)

  • 4 Hours/Week = Class Room
  • 6 Hours/Week = Study/Reading
  • 10 Hours/Week = Ministry Emphasis + Meetings
  • 40 Hours/Week = Job (Unless the intern has raised his support and can devote more time to ministry responsibilities)