Outdoor Ministry

Mission’s Statement: Our mission is to glorify God and proclaim His name through the glory of His creation.

Our Purpose: Is to utilize His artwork to magnify His glory and beauty, through outdoor activities, curriculum and a missional desire to make worshipers of people from “All Nations.”

There's is an ever-increasing desire to make our faith practical and holistic. The outdoors provides many alternative opportunities for worship, teaching and community.

This ministry is driven by the desire to make known the creator God who created us in His image, and has purposed His plan through His people for here and eternity. The activities are a blessing from God, and a means to see Him in a way not noticed in the culture dominated by city.


  1. To bring the people of Anchor into a meaningful community with God and one another.
  1. To educate people on issues relating to theology (Study of God), Psychology (Issues of “Imago Deo” and personal holiness), and Ecology (Environmental issues from a biblical perspective).
  1. To build a bridge to the large outdoor community in Southern Cal, and further educate our people regarding the gospel and the culture they live in. We desire to promulgate a Christian world-view, as well as, provide short-term mission opportunities as a practicum.
  1. To encourage people to worship God in their natural surroundings, as well as, in community.

Contact Mike @ if you're interested in helping with this ministry.