At Anchor we believe that leadership development is very healthy for our people, whether they are leading their families, leading at work or acting as leaders in the church. Futures is Anchor's Leadership Development for future and current leaders. It is a closed class, and  require weekly homework, and 100% attendance (Barring work and family emergencies for sure).

Our goal is to give our people a balanced theological education through instruction, reading, projects and dialogue around the scriptures and real issues that effect our lives daily.

Some Examples of Material We Use

We are using material we created, as well as material from LAUNCH, Porterbrook and BILD. Some of these are used in our church planting internship more than they would be for Futures, but our goal none the less is to build leaders from the ground up, so they can be leaders with a biblical worldview in their homes, work and churches.

BILD Advanced Leadership Classes

Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the First-Century Church

Determine the fundamental biblical principles regarding the mission of the church and its role in missions and developing guidelines and strategy from these principles for a local church's

Pauline Epistles: Strategies for Establishing Churches

Determine the fundamental biblical principles for growing and strengthening (establishing) a church to maturity and developing a strategy for implementing the biblical forms and functions of a church necessary for making and keeping it strong.

Leaders and the Early Church

Bring leadership training back to the center of the local church in a way that will empower churches to participate in the expansion of the gospel with the same vision and effectiveness as the first church at Antioch.

Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine

Build a contemporary didache—an Early Church manual to establish believers in the essentials of the Apostles’ teaching. This contemporary didache must be founded solidly upon the faith delivered by the Apostles; seasoned by the historical effort of the Church; and be eminently relevant to our present cultural situations.

Other Materials Anchor Futures Offers

Character of a Leader

Understand the biblical idea of qualified leadership and determine the fundamental biblical guidelines for character formation in leaders and in the household of God.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

This is a preaching workshop using proper exegesis and hermeneutic principles, and applying the study by preaching the content in a Christ centered fashion. It’s a three Part (36 Week) course on Hermeneutics and Homiletics using “Christ Centered Interpretation” by Bryan Chappell, and Tim Keller’s “Preaching to Postmoderns.” The course is designed to ask the question, “What does it mean,” by taking a hard look at the text and the context, and applying methods of exegesis and hermeneutics (Interpretation), as well as prayer and meditation to determine the meaning the author intended, and then Ask, “What does it matter,” by applying the author’s meaning in our contexts as the preacher/teacher

Gospel and Culture

An eight week course using Mike Gunn’s “Gospel and Culture: A Blessing to the Nations.” It is designed to help define the biblical gospel, and how that gospel is preached in culture. Culture itself has many gospels (Stories of “Truth”), and it is important to know something about these stories and use what is appropriate to faithfully and clearly communicate the gospel in every cultural context in the world, while biblically and lovingly contending for the faith.

Perspectives Course

Ai uses the “Perspectives” Course, which is a world perspective/mission curriculum, designed by the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena California. The curriculum is created to give people a perspective of God’s work in and through the world, and the church’s role in bringing the gospel to all peoples (Acts 1:8).

The Story of God

SOG is designed help the planter understand the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation so as to gain a “Birds-Eye” view of the gospel story in its redemptive narrative, and be able to proclaim that story to men and women of every nation with an understanding of how it all fits into one story.

An Introduction to the New Testament

We will survey the New Testament as we go through D.A. Carson’s and Doug Moo’s book of the same title. This will give the planter a thorough overview of the New Testament and allow them to see each book within its biblical theology.

An Introduction to the Old Testament

We will survey the New Testament as we go through Tremper Longman’s book of the same title. This will give the planter a thorough overview of the Old Testament and allow them to see each book within its biblical theology.

Launch's 12 Competencies

  1. Identify & confirm a passionate sense of calling
  2. Master the discipline of leading yourself
  3. Identify the needs of your community & develop an intentional strategy to meet them
  4. Cast a clear and compelling vision for your church plant
  5. Lead from a bold faith that takes prayerful risks
  6. Evaluate your values & integrate them into the DNA of your church
  7. Effectively raise & manage money
  8. Be intentional about discipleship & leadership development
  9. Develop measurable systems & structures to fulfill your vision
  10. Identify key leaders to execute the vision
  11. Think strategically & execute for results
  12. Persevere through difficulty in order to get to the next level


Porterbrook Reading and Discussions

Porterbrook is a wonderful training resource for helping church planters understand the gospel, the church and their roles. We have selected 13 books that we will read and discuss in supplement to the material in the modules each quarter.

Gospel Change

Gospel Living

Gospel Relationships

Bible Teaching In Missional Perspective

Living the Cross and Resurrection



Engaging With the Urban Poor

Engaging With Context

Missional Church and Church Planting

Pastoral Care Pt. 1

Pastoral Care Pt. 2

Engaging Globally

Redeemer’s Church Planting Manual


Potential Training Books

Systematic Theology (Grudem)

Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church (DeYmaz and Li)

Center Church (Keller)

Biblical Eldership (Strauch)

How People Change (Tripp/Lane)

Instruments In A Redeemers Hand (Tripp/Lane)

From Foreign to Familiar (Lanier)

The Making of a Leader (Clinton)

Spiritual Leadership (Sanders)

Total Church (Timmis/Chester)

Sticky Teams (Osborne)

And (Hugh Halter)

Counterfeit Gods (Keller)

Prodigal Gods (Keller)

Reason For God (Keller)

Foolishness to the Greeks (Newbigin)

Cross Cultural Servanthood (Elmer)

Urban Ministry (Conn)

Transforming Mission (Bosch)

Church Unique (Wil Mancini)

Missional Renaissance (Reggie McNeal)

An Intro to the NT (Carson)

An Intro to the OT (Longman)

Is There Meaning In the Text (Vanhoozer)

The Meaning of Marriage (Keller)

Prayer (Foster)


Competencies Futures Is Aiming At

Theological Clarity

Missional Lifestyle

Understanding of God's Mission

Scripture Knowledge + Hermeneutical Skills

Servant Leadership


Understanding Worldview

Strategic Planning and Execution

Spiritual Vitality

Marriage and Family


Biblical Leadership Structures and Qualifications

Heart For the Marginalized