DNA Format #4

06.10.14 | DNA Training | by Michael Gunn

DNA Format #4

    Here is a DNA Format used in one of our DNA groups. DNA stands for Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability. They are not bible studies, but they are groups where we speak the gospel into each others lives more effectively as issues arise in our life.

    DNA Format #4

    Open In Prayer


    1. Answer the following:
    • When I get angry it’s because…
    • When I get sad it’s because…
    • When I disobey God it’s because…
    1. What does Luke 6:43-45 say about our struggles with sin?
    1. What does James 1:13-15 say concerning sin?

    “Our struggles and temptations often trigger sin, but they never cause it. The root cause (Of Sin) is always the heart and its sinful desires.”                                                                               Tim Chester

    1. When do you most often struggle with sin?
    1. What does Trust and Worship have to do with sin??
    1. What is going on in your heart right now?


    In what way are you hurting right now?

    What are some of the obstacles you are facing?


    How are you and your wife doing? Are you having regular date nights? If you are not married, how are you doing with women (Both Real and Imagined)?

    How are things at work going?

    How has your prayer/word time been?

    What has God been teaching you?

    How has your time in the word caused you to rejoice/repent?

    Have you had any opportunities to share Jesus with anyone?


    Pray For One Another