Veritas Vitae is the "Truth Lives" in Latin. These blogs tell the truth in different forms, in different ways, of what God's word says, and what God is doing in and through His people at Anchor Community!

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Veritas Vitae

Is God Really Sovereign and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Michael Gunn on

In 2006 I wrote an article entitled Tsunami's and the Sovereignty of God. I, like many humans struggled mightily with the South Asian Tsunami that killed nearly 300,000 people. "How could a good God do such a thing?" Was the cry of many, and even had me wondering. There were many different...

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Why Creeds and Confessions?

Posted by Michael Gunn on So often in churches I hear "Deeds, Not Creeds," and it usually means that doing is more important than dull theology, which only creates...

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