Veritas Vitae

The Final Justice of God Part #1

Posted by Andre Jones on

To listen to the sermon go to The Final Justice of God Part #1

God is certainly a God of love, but He also just, and perfectly righteous. Humanity has flouted His law, and has paid the natural consequences of it, and deserve to be judged for that rebellion, but none of us see it the way God sees it. We assume that we are not that bad, and He’s not that Holy. But God’s ways are not man’s ways, and He is perfectly just and righteous to judge humanity for their rebellion that has caused undo destruction, poverty and raping of the land. Our sin pollutes this world every day. Our appetites of destruction continue to wreak havoc on this world, and we keep blaming it on a social structure, a politic, or anyone else but ourselves. While there is no doubt a corporate evil, it wasn’t created in a vacuum apart from the pieces that it is made up of; humanity. We need God, but do not see the need, which is our #1 problem, but we continually chase air to fix only what God will fix in the end.