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As we are working our way through the many “One Anothers” in scripture, I am amazed how many clear commands we have in scripture in regard to how to be the church that Christ created, yet how many of them that we either ignore or blatantly disobey.

I am not saying this to condemn anyone, because I myself have violated these commands, often caring for my own comfort and security. In spite of my own sin, I have been encouraged by and excited to do this study. It is eye-opening, and refreshing to see what God has planned for his people and His church.

I think many of us desire to live in solid community with people that love Jesus, and desire to do His will no matter what the cost may be to ourselves. We just have forgotten how to do that, or have lost the energy to pursue it. It no doubt takes intentionality and hard work, but it is a hard work worth pursuing and comes with rewards of joy unspeakable.

No doubt living in community will create tension, especially as we move to promote a diverse community of men and women from different political spectrums and different backgrounds, but the gospel compels us to do just that. This is how we instruct one another. This is what we mean by ‘Gospelling’ one another. It is living in proximity and reminding each other of the grace of our Lord Jesus, and how that gospel has major implications and calling on our lives. We need these reminders, and exhortations in love, in order to continue moving forward in our walk with Christ, and our desire to do His will in the world today.