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At the end of the 1979 Monty Python movie Life of Brian, most of the cast was crucified by the Roman legion and were singing “Always Look On the Brightside of Life” in an upbeat way to stare down the barrel of suffering and harshness of life in an existential stoicism’s response to pain like many were made privy to this past week in Las Vegas. Tim Keller reminds us in this sermon that the joy and happiness the bible talks about is real, yet not quite what you think. In his study of Romans 8:28-32 he helps us realize that this is not only real, but it’s lasting, as he demonstrates that Christianity, while many feel it does not take suffering seriously, is the only religion, worldview or philosophy that has the foundation to deal with life’s harshest moments, and that…

1. Our Bad Things Turn Out For Good

2. Our Good Things Can Never Be Lost

3. The Best Things Are Yet To Come