The Church of Jesus Christ is made up of those He calls to be a reflection of God’s grace to the world

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The problem with this notion is that it has hardly been true in many instances. Churches have become mega-clubs where people show up to view the show of a great speaker, musicians and a myriad of things for their kids to do. Many churches are fraught with disorder and. hatred and disharmony.

But the NT Church is not that, and it’s more than even the blood bound connection of physical families. The Church of Christ is bound by His grace (Unmerited Favor). It isn’t bound by national identity, racial or ethnic identity or political ideology; it is bound by the supra-cultural, and untimely nature of the gospel and our common salvation. Thus it has the ability to bind together those that are not the same, nor even think the same on many subjects, but have grown to love one another because Christ loved them enough to die for them, opening their eyes to the reality that all humanity is made in God’s image and not evolved meaninglessly from inanimate and impersonal objects, therefore removing the hubris and hate we often have for people that aren’t like us, or don’t think like us. Lastly grace binds us in an everlasting hope that we will one day be with Jesus for eternity.

So the family of God is created by Jesus to be unified and to love one another as it loves God. It is commanded not only to love God and one another but even those that are our enemy. It is this kind of binding that destroys cliques and destructive nationalism that continues to divide our country and our world. This world needs more grace today for sure!