A sermon by Andre Jones. To listen to the sermon go to Acts 2:42-47

Community is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It seems like a concept we all want to some extent, but it’s also a concept that appears to elude many of us. Our lives are busy and stuck inside our electronic gadgets and social media, and somehow we call that “Community.” And it appears that many of us are ok with that, but is that what real community is? Is that what community described in Acts 2 all about? Not only do I not think so, but it really is a passage that deconstructs our versions of community outside of a real fellowship.

What is “Real Fellowship?” Well, I’m sure there are a lot of answers but biblically we are called to operate in the “One Anothers,” which this preaching series began with. And, the One Anothers are specific and commanded, yet many of us hear them, and continue to move on with our lives, without any consideration of what it means to really “Love one another,” or what it means to love someone enough to “Exhort one another,” and not worry that someone may be mad at you, but you love them enough to warn them of upcoming disaster.

Many people talk about community, but what they mean is hanging out with people that are like them, so they can feel good about a life strife with problems, and not confronting them at all, with decisions that are costly to ourselves and “One Another.”

In this sermon by Andre Jones, we are confronted clearly with what biblical community looks like, and it may deconstruct your comfort, but it’s worth listening to, for your own sake, and the church community’s.