What can we do, but fall down and worship our savior when He has arrived?

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This really is the issue of the Advent season; Worship! We were created for it, and have lost the ability to do it well. Sure, we have many substitutes, but when Jesus came the 1st time some 2000 years ago, this was the response of the men who were considered wise, and it is still wise today, to worship that which we were created for.

In this story, Michael Foss lays out beautifully, how we so often substitute our own agenda for worship, as did Herod, but when we truly encounter the living Christ, our only response is worship, as the wise men proved.

It is in this place, that we are made whole, and when Christ ‘arrives,’ He does so with all His glory, whether He’s seen as an infant or the conquering savior of the world!

Have a blessed 2018! My prayer is that you would experience Advent this year in your life!

Mike Gunn