• Acts of The Spirit: Heather Foss
  • Mothers Day Panel
    On Mother’s Day we hosted a panel on motherhood, and asked five of our mom’s what they loved about being a mom, and some of the challenges they have faced. Their answers were awesome! [Read More]
  • Stop Having Christians Over For Dinner
    Growing up I loved my family. It seemed to me like every ounce of blessing we received was shared. Generous and hospitable were a few words to describe my great-grandfather and great-grandmother. Sure we had our issues like all families due but the generosity I witnessed was more than just giving. It was fueled by something much more than altruism. My great-grandparents had experienced the gospel [Read More]
  • MLK50: How Shall We NOW Live? by Michael Gunn
    Early morning, April four Shot rings out in the Memphis sky  Free at last, they took your life They could not take your pride                            U2 (Pride) In The Name of Love Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King was gunned down by hate in Memphis Tennessee. For some, this means a lot and has a huge symbolic place in their life. For others, it’s just another day in April. If [Read More]
  • The Incredulity of the Easter Miracle
    The incredulity of the Resurrection is erased in the minds of Jesus’ disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit and testimony of ‘Eyewitnesses’ to this historical reality Paul himself understood the incredulity of the cross and Jesus’ resurrection, because people in his time also struggled to believe in such a crazy notion. 1 Corinthians 15:17 – “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith [Read More]
  • 1 Peter: An Apologetic For Resident Aliens
    “…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…” To listen to the sermons in 1 Peter go to Sermons We are entitling our new series in Peter’s 1st letter to a marginalized church in Asia Minor (Now Turkey) An Apologetic [Read More]
  • Advent Worship
    What can we do, but fall down and worship our savior when He has arrived? To listen to the sermon, go to Advent Worship This really is the issue of the Advent season; Worship! We were created for it, and have lost the ability to do it well. Sure, we have many substitutes, but when Jesus came the 1st time some 2000 years ago, this was the response of the men who were considered wise, and it is [Read More]
  • Christmas Advent 2017
    Christmas is always hard in the realm of sermons since many who have been in the church for awhile have heard the Christmas “Story” so many times, it, unfortunately, has become rather ‘ordinary’ for too many. Obviously, this is an unfortunate thing, and only is exacerbated by the secularization of the season, and the hustle and bustle it has created. This too is true of [Read More]
  • Community
    A sermon by Andre Jones. To listen to the sermon go to Acts 2:42-47 Community is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It seems like a concept we all want to some extent, but it’s also a concept that appears to elude many of us. Our lives are busy and stuck inside our electronic gadgets and social media, and somehow we call that “Community.” And it appears that many of us are ok [Read More]
  • The Church As An Instrument of Grace
    The Church of Jesus Christ is made up of those He calls to be a reflection of God’s grace to the world To listen to the sermon go to The Church As An Instrument of Grace The problem with this notion is that it has hardly been true in many instances. Churches have become mega-clubs where people show up to view the show of a great speaker, musicians and a myriad of things for their kids to [Read More]
  • What Is Orthodoxy?
    What does Titus teach us about “Sound Doctrine?” To listen to the sermon go to What Is Orthodoxy? Throughout my time as a pastor I have run into those that want to make sure you are teaching “Sound Doctrine.” And in truth, this is very important, however many of those that seem so concerned to make sure I am sound in my teaching and theology, aren’t so orthodox in [Read More]
  • What Is Encouragement?
    To listen this sermon go to Encourage One Another What is encouragement, and what is an encouraging sermon? For many it is found in ancedotal sermons and platitudes that make us feel we are ok, when we are not (See V. 3). It would be easy to take this verse 11 admonishing us to encourage and build one another up, and lose the context, which is steeped in the consummation of the age and those have [Read More]
  • What Kind Of Joy In Suffering?
    To listen to Tim Keller’s Sermon go to The Christian’s Happiness At the end of the 1979 Monty Python movie Life of Brian, most of the cast was crucified by the Roman legion and were singing “Always Look On the Brightside of Life” in an upbeat way to stare down the barrel of suffering and harshness of life in an existential stoicism’s response to pain like many were [Read More]
  • Bear With One Another
    “Can’t we just get along?” It seems as though even we, in the church struggle to do this. So our solution seems to be finding churches we like, and with people that are like us, instead ofmjoining our brothers and sisters In Christ, and be willing to serve one another. We are living in a time when this aspect of the gospel needs to be seen by a world that wants unity, but [Read More]
  • Serve One Another
    To listen to the sermon go to Serve One Another Our passage is a passage in the midst of talking about freedom. In one sense, freedom seems to carry the idea that you can do anything free of any and all restraints, but as we analyze that idea of freedom, we begin to realize that has its own pitfalls and ensnarements. People assume they are free when they get rid of authoritarian restraints such [Read More]
  • What Does It Mean to ‘Gospel’ One Another?
    To listen to the latest sermon go to Instruct One Another As we are working our way through the many “One Anothers” in scripture, I am amazed how many clear commands we have in scripture in regard to how to be the church that Christ created, yet how many of them that we either ignore or blatantly disobey. I am not saying this to condemn anyone, because I myself have violated these [Read More]
  • The Church As It’s Supposed To Be
    To listen to the sermon click The Church As It Was Supposed To Be I am excited about this new series on the Church. There are many different ideas of what the Church is and many misconceptions. In this intro, we will define what the church is and then in subsequent weeks, look at the “One Another’s” in scripture, take a look at the letter to Titus, and other verses that [Read More]