God Provides For Sinful Humanity
February 24, 2019

God Provides For Sinful Humanity

Passage: Genesis 3:20-24

We see two remarkable things in our passage this week. In the midst of our rebellion, and God's judgment, God reminds Adam and Eve of His promise that He would send a savior and it would come from a woman, and then He made garments to cover them, as an incredible act of His grace, and a symbol that our sins would one day be covered in Christ. What we see here, is that life is not only better than death, but it's better than non-life. In this fallen world, life can feel like a hell-hole, but God, in His grace is restoring life to be what He created to be; utterly glorious and joyful!

Discussion Questions:
1. What is grace?
2. Why do humans have a hard time understanding grace?
3. Why is it easier to work for our salvation?
4. Why do many of us bristle at the idea of sacrifices for our sin?
5. Why did God pay for our sins?
6. How is this idea of grace different from humanities solutions?