Hope Is On The Way
February 17, 2019

Hope Is On The Way

Passage: Genesis 3:14-20

In the midst of God's perfect judgment on the first humans for their rebellion, His grace breaks through with an astonishing promise to crush evil, and provide a way for humanity to be redeemed.

Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever felt so bad about yourself that you hate when anyone mentions sin
2. In what way(s) does talking about and acknowledging our sin help us overcome it?
3. What does it take to root out destructive sin from our lives?
4. Have you ever felt that you aren’t really sinful, and therefore feel that any preaching against sin is irrelevant to you?
5. Do you struggle with the same sins over and over and feel defeated?
6. How does the Bible address this problem?
7. Do you realize that Jesus loves you and died for your sin? How does that affect your view of yourself and your sin?