Psalm 35
August 5, 2018

Psalm 35

Passage: Psalm 35

The Gospel Story re-writes human tragedy and injustice through the cross of Christ, who placed all sin, injustice and oppression on His own back, so that humans could be justified before a perfectly Holy God. Therefore we can deal with our enemies in a more gracious manner, knowing that God is both our advocate warrior, contending for us. We have nothing to prove to anyone else!

Questions to Think Through:
1. Where do you usually go when you feel life has been ‘unfair’ to you?
2. Why do we run away from God and His Church when we our feeling down?
3. How can we praise God when we are feeling down, and even feeling like He has been ‘absent?’
4. Where do you go when you have been hurt or offended by someone else!