Psalm 46
August 12, 2018

Psalm 46

Passage: Psalm 46

God is our Refuge and Strength when our life is good and when our life is in turmoil. We can, and often do turn to many other things to soothe our pain or anxiety, but it is God/Jesus who can truly make a difference, since He is the one who rules over everything that happens in this world that He created.

1. Why do we often walk away from church people and the church when we are in trouble?

2. Why do we often feel like not sharing our pain with others, thinking that holding in our hurts help the most?

3. Why did God give us the Church? What is the Church?

4. In what way(s) can the Church be a help in a time of need?

5. In what way(s) has the Church failed in this area?

6. What do think of this kind of song sung in our services?