True Story…The Hero That Died For the Villain
April 16, 2017

True Story…The Hero That Died For the Villain

Passage: Romans 5:1-11


Easter Sermon At Anchor 2017


The resurrection of Jesus gives us an incredible, undeniable and irreducible hope in the midst of life’s pain. It provides a much larger hope that can take us through life's incredible trials and tribulations, and that hope is secured in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus.

His love clearly demonstrated to us, that in spite of our rejection, and hostility to Him, He still died to pay the eternal and perfectly just penalty for our sins, so that we could have peace with God and a reconciliation to the creator of this universe that we didn't previously have without His death and resurrection!

When life's hardships come our way, we can work through them in anger and bitterness and the rejection of God, or we can see trust that God is trustworthy enough that whatever is happening, He is in control, and He is also loving us. We may never understand the why of everything that happens to us, but we can Hope that whatever happens, it is re-righted in the end. It's a larger hope than the finite things we often hope for. This hope has both immediate and eternal implications that can take us fro our largest hurts to a hope that it will work toward a greater meaning in the end.

Jesus' resurrection is the single most important event in history, showing us that God has the power over death, and therefore over our life's issues.