Why Anchor?
September 23, 2018

Why Anchor?

Passage: Hebrews 5:11-6:20

We are defined by our Missional Identity, "We are a striving to become a diverse family of people joining Jesus’ mission to make disciples and plant churches reaching locally and globally” and our Missional Purpose “Anchoring ALL people to the hope in God by loving, serving and preaching the Gospel in our city and the world” We are not trying to pit Anchor against another solid, gospel-centered church, but we do want everyone that calls Anchor their home to know why we exist.

Discussion Questions
1. Why do I go to Church?
2. Why do I go to Anchor Community?
3. Have I jumped from church to church looking for a church that fulfills my needs, or am I looking for a church that speaks the truth, helps me grow in my faith and allows me to use my gifts to make His name great?
4. Am I commuted to God’s plan for the Church, or am I purposely non-committal because I have too many other interests clouding the mission God has called all believers to?
5. What idols do I put in the place of God and His mission?
6. What habits or priorities do I need too change in order to make time for the mission God has called us all to?