Why Multiplication?
October 7, 2018

Why Multiplication?

Passage: 2 Timothy 2:2, Acts 13:1-3, 14:21-23, Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5:1-3

Healthy Organisms multiply and grow to their capacity. This isn't about size, as many large churches are un-healthy, and many small churches are faithful to their call, and vica-versa. Using 2 Timothy 2:2 as a principle, we are challenging one another to invest in other people's lives as part of the disciplemaking process.

Discussion Questions:
1. What are the Pros and Cons of Multiplication?
2. What can we do to mitigate the Cons?
3. Why is Multiplication a priority?
4. Are you good with multiplication? Why? Why not?
5. What keeps you from either caring or being an efficient multiplier?
6. What are the benefits of Church Planting?
7. What are some steps you can take to live out the value of a Multiplier?

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